Artist’s Statement

I think of my ceramic wall reliefs as paintings; not as a substitute of clay for canvas or glaze for paint, but as an investigation of the potential of ceramic materials to create compelling images on their own terms. Expanding on traditional ideas of tile work and mosaics, the work describes a new form which is both painterly and sculptural. In these pieces, rhythmic bas-relief patterns are interwoven with planes of color to produce a complex visual field. I like to work spontaneously, establishing a dialog between the emerging image and my subconscious. The abstract images I create are not intended to be purely formal. The shapes and colors reference things in our world but resist absolute definition. This impermanence contrasts with the materiality of clay and inspires a layered sensory response, at once tactile and visual.


 Artist’s Bio

Scott Supraner was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1957. He received his BFA in Sculpture from the State University of New York, College at Purchase in 1984. After graduating, he worked for sculptors Mary Frank and Alan Siegel in NYC. He relocated to the Shenandoah Valley in 1989 where he established the Hawksbill Pottery and later moved to Charlottesville, VA where he became a member of the McGuffey Art Center in 2006. During these years, Scott developed a new way of working with clay and glaze as he began to create ceramic wall reliefs, combining his training as a sculptor and painter with his training as a studio potter. In 2011, he was selected to exhibit work in the Senate offices of Sen. Mark Warner as part of the Celebration of Virginia Artists and in 2010, he was commissioned to create a piece for the new Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, VA. His work is also in the private collection of the Heart and Vascular Center of Augusta Health in Waynesboro, VA and the Aquilino Cancer Center in Rockville, MD. A full time ceramic artist since 1990, he continues to exhibit in art shows and galleries throughout the United States.